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Zama Ntombela Miss Intercontinental South Africa 2023 Finalist



Zama Ntombela

Zama Ntombela, Miss Intercontinental South Africa 2023 finalist, embodies the exceptional talent and unwavering determination found within Soweto as she continues to inspire and showcase the unmatched capabilities of South Africa’s youth.

In an insightful interview, Ntombela delves into her journey within the pageant and highlights the valuable life lessons that propel her towards becoming the best version of herself.

Gone are the days when beauty pageants solely emphasised women’s physical appearance. They have evolved into powerful platforms that empower young women to explore their purpose in life.

“My experience in the pageant has been truly amazing as it continues to be a profound source of self-discovery,” Ntombela shares enthusiastically.

“I cherish the continuous self-realisation and personal growth that I encounter through this journey,” she adds.


While one might assume that being an educator who spends her life speaking in front of crowds would make public speaking a natural strength for Ntombela, she reveals that the pageant projects have rekindled her communication skills.

“It’s fascinating how this pageant compels us to seek sponsorships and knock on doors. Through this process, I have come to realise that my communication skills are far better than I had perceived them to be,” she explains.

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She continues, “It’s somewhat paradoxical because, as a teacher, one would assume that speaking in front of people is second nature to me. However, I am learning to be fully present in situations that demand delivering speeches.”

Ntombela is a passionate advocate for children’s rights and places great importance on early childhood learning.


“Children are our greatest assets for the future. If we aim to address the socio-economic challenges we face, we must begin at the grassroots level, with the children,” Ntombela passionately asserts.

According to Miss Intercontinental SA, young people from Soweto should never be hindered from dreaming of a future favouring them.

Ntombela firmly believes that her current position results from never ceasing to dream of the life she envisioned as a child. She advises young individuals to “always dream beyond their current circumstances and relentlessly pursue their aspirations. I have personally witnessed the transformative power of this mindset, silencing the negative connotations that surrounded me.”

She concludes with a resounding message: “Every person’s background should serve as a point of reference, not a permanent dwelling. All dreams are valid, and it is crucial to work diligently towards achieving every goal you set for yourself.”

The finals of the Miss Intercontinental South Africa pageant will be held on August 9th at a venue that is yet to be confirmed, promising to be a captivating event celebrating the remarkable achievements and potential of young women like Zama Ntombela.


Source: Zama Ntombela: A mirror to look upon

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Photo: Supplied by Soweto Urban

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