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Fed-Up Residents in Johannesburg Demand Solutions Amid Water Crisis, Tired of Blame Games



blame games during the water crisis in Johannesburg

The residents of Fourways have grown increasingly frustrated with the persistent blame games during the water crisis in Johannesburg.

Recently, on October 12, Nkosinathi Masombuka, a resident of Craigavon, complained to Joburg Water, highlighting the issue of taps running dry in the area.

Councillor David Foley from Ward 94 shed some light on the situation, explaining that a pipe burst on Leslie Avenue was responsible for the water shortage, affecting not only Craigavon but also Uranium Road complexes and certain parts of Fourways.

Masombuka expressed his exasperation, stating, “This affects my budget too because I have to buy water, which is one of the services that I already pay for. It is not fair.”

Fueled by such grievances, Dr. Ferrial Adam, the executive director of the community action network WaterCAN, initiated a petition to address the city’s water crisis. The petition, which has already garnered 3,000 supporters, intends to deliver a powerful message to Joburg Water and Rand Water, urging them to find lasting solutions.


Dr. Adam conveyed her dissatisfaction with the responses provided by these water utilities, noting that they often resort to finger-pointing and blame games rather than offering genuine solutions, leadership, and guidance. She lamented the lack of effective communication, leaving residents bewildered about the status of their water resources.

She emphasised that the situation has reached a critical juncture and demanded that Joburg Water and Rand Water respond to their grievances by October 16; otherwise, there will be protests to demand the necessary changes.

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Councillor Foley confirmed that water was restored in Craigavon on the same day as the complaint. However, he also pointed out that another pipe burst had occurred on Galloway Road, adding that Leslie and Westway and surrounding areas have faced numerous bursts in the past six months.

According to Joburg Water, the bulk supplier, Rand Water, faced various infrastructure issues between August 24 and September 24, significantly impacting the reservoirs and towers in the City of Johannesburg and other Gauteng municipalities.


Several Johannesburg Water systems are still under immense strain. They are in the recovery process, such as the South Hills tower and pump station, Crown Gardens, the Commando System (comprising Brixton, Crosby, and Hurstill), Naturena, Midrand system, and Alexander Park.

Given these challenges, Johannesburg Water has deployed 50 roaming water trucks and 56 water tanks to the affected areas, ensuring that residents receive a regular water supply.

The organisation has also implemented throttled supply, reducing flow and pressure from 21:00 to 04:00 daily, to relieve pressure on the strained reservoirs and towers.

Johannesburg Water remains in close contact with Rand Water in their joint efforts to resolve the water supply challenges and appeals for the public’s patience and understanding during these trying times. The entity is closely monitoring the recovery of reservoirs and will continue providing regular updates to customers.

Efforts to reach Rand Water’s spokesperson for comment have been unsuccessful since October 12.


Source: Residents fed up with ‘blame games’ during Joburg’s water crisis

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