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Edenvale Police Issue Warning to Shoplifters Amid Recent Surge



shoplifters in Edenvale

SAPS has issued a stern warning to shoplifters in Edenvale, responding to a recent spike in the number of cases reported in the precinct.

Warrant Jacob Mashile, the communications officer for Edenvale Police Station, highlighted that the suspects involved in shoplifting cases vary in age.

The police clarified that perpetrators will face arrest and legal consequences for their actions.

Mashile stated, “We will make sure that they feel the might of justice and the consequences of their actions. Edenvale SAPS, along with its stakeholders, will be closely monitoring all retailers around the CBD and malls.”

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While some suspects admit to theft and pay an admission of guilt fine when caught, the police still view this crime as a significant concern.

Mashile pointed out that even petty crimes can potentially lead to more serious criminal activities.

He added, “The police will still open a case of theft against the offender, and this is placed on their record, which means the individual will have a criminal record.”

Edenvale SAPS urges the community and parents to actively address this issue with their children, highlighting the lifelong consequences of having a criminal record.

Source: Edenvale police warn shoplifters following recent spike


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Picture: Facebook / Edenvale Community Police Forum

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