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City Power Contractors Apprehended for Seeking R2k Bribe in Olifantsvlei: Arrests Made in Corruption Case



R2,000 bribe

In an incident in Olifantsvlei, south of Johannesburg, two City Power contractors were arrested for soliciting a R2,000 bribe from a customer during a joint sting operation with the Johannesburg Metro Police Department on November 8.

The contractors, who posed as meter auditors, threatened to disconnect the client’s meter, alleging it had been bypassed. The customer agreed to pay the bribe to avoid disconnection.

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Police arrested the suspect after the customer reported the incident. City Power officials confirmed the meter had indeed been tampered with. Both contractors face charges of extortion, bribery, and corruption.

City Power urges customers not to pay bribes and to report such incidents.


Source: City Power contractors arrested for soliciting R2k bribe in Olifantsvlei

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Picture: Supplied by Southern Courier

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