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Joburg Faces Load Shedding Schedule Challenges as City Power Seeks Solutions



City Power loadshedding

City Power loadshedding is causing concerns in Johannesburg as the entity strives to resolve the glitches in the new load-shedding schedule that covers 98% of the city.

At the start of the week, City Power took control of Johannesburg’s load-shedding schedule, aiming to relieve residents by implementing a maximum of two hours at any time, regardless of the stage, according to Jacaranda FM.

This plan remains in effect, except when Eskom declares stage 8 load shedding.

Despite these intentions, City Power acknowledges that there have been issues in certain areas where residents endured extended load-shedding periods.

Isaac Mangena, City Power spokesperson, addresses the situation, especially in the northern suburbs, where technical errors occurred during the transition.


“We are busy rectifying that, and we should be able to allocate the blocks correctly in the new schedule by later this evening (Wednesday evening).

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We have 16 blocks of load shedding, and a block will only repeat after all the blocks have been exhausted in a single day,” Mangena explains.

The new load-shedding schedule was generally welcomed, particularly by businesses, some exempt from load-shedding. It also ensures that essential services can be excluded from load shedding, benefiting areas like Roodepoort.

Mangena recognises the challenges certain blocks face, frequently shedding quickly, with some loads shed twice within eight hours.


City Power’s technical teams have addressed the issue since Monday. However, the problem may continue until technicians identify a permanent solution.

This phenomenon will affect each block at least four times a month. In some cases, it may persist for two consecutive days, particularly at Stage 2 load shedding, due to higher demand during those times.

However, the silver lining is that residents will enjoy more days of electricity in a month, with some areas experiencing up to three consecutive days without load shedding despite these temporary inconveniences.

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Picture: Pixabay / Ri Butov

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