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Assault on Herder, 150 Cattle Targeted on R559: A Disturbing Incident Unfolds



herder was assaulted

In a recent incident on the R559 between Randfontein and Carletonville, a herder was assaulted, and 150 cattle were targeted in a stock theft, as confirmed by the Tac-Med Crime Prevention Unit on the West Rand.

The assault occurred at approximately 19:15 on November 8 when a group of about six armed robbers attacked the cattle herder and robbed him and his wife. The assailants then proceeded to steal 150 cattle.

Chris Lessing, the head and founder of the Tac-Med Crime Prevention Unit, reported that they received a call to assist the herder, prompting eight members to respond and search for the robbers. A group of dogs reportedly accompanied the criminals as they chased the cattle toward the R559.

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Efforts by the response team led to the recovery of some of the cattle, and a thorough search of the area was conducted to locate the remaining animals. All 150 cattle were eventually retrieved and returned to the premises.


Despite efforts to find the robbers, no success was reported. Lessing highlighted the increasing prevalence of stock theft in the community, emphasising the need for preventive measures such as camera systems, trained guards, secure enclosures, electric fences, alarm systems, and proper lighting.

He pointed out that stock theft is a growing concern, driven by the country’s demand for buying and selling livestock and the need for processed meat. The incident underscores the urgent need for enhanced security measures to address the rising rates of stock theft.

Source: Herder assaulted, 150 cattle targeted on R559

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Picture: Unsplash / Federico Respini

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