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Massive Police Operation – Over 200 Suspects Nabbed in Operation Shanela across Ekurhuleni



200 arrests in Ekurhuleni

There have been 200 arrests in Ekurhuleni during Operation Shanela, which took place between October 25 and 26, showcasing a successful integrated operation executed by SAPS members and other law enforcement agencies.

This operation aimed to crack down on various suspects involved in criminal activities, ensuring that those who transgressed the law faced accountability.

Throughout the night, dedicated detectives diligently carried out their operations across various policing precincts, culminating in the arrest of over 200 suspects.

This significant achievement underlines the unwavering commitment of law enforcement agencies to maintain peace and safety within the community.

Among the apprehended individuals, 130 were arrested for contact crimes, 19 for contact-related crimes, 57 for other serious crimes, five for offences requiring immediate police action, and 40 for incidents related to gender-based violence.


This comprehensive operation reflects the authorities’ determination to address crime issues and prioritise the safety of the public.

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Ekurhuleni district commissioner, Major General Sithole, commended the tireless efforts of the detectives and law enforcement officers who played pivotal roles in the success of Operation Shanela on October 26. She praised their unwavering dedication to upholding the law and protecting the community.

Sithole also appreciated all partner organisations and involved parties contributing to the operation’s success.

The Ekurhuleni District commissioner’s office remains steadfast in its commitment to ongoing efforts aimed at preventing crime and maintaining a secure environment for all residents, as do the collaborating law enforcement authorities.


To ensure the long-term prosperity and safety of the Ekurhuleni community, similar integrated operations will continue in the future.

Sithole also oversaw the operations in the Ivory Park policing precinct on October 26. That day, 39 drivers received traffic fines totalling over R16,000, and 34 people were arrested for not having proper documentation. Furthermore, officers apprehended three individuals for drug-related offences and impounded two vehicles. Working collaboratively with health inspectors Yonda Mokhwhethu, Tokozani Nkosi, Teboho Motaung, and Sindiswe Radebe, 15 spaza shops were closed due to non-compliance.

Source: 200 suspects arrested during Operation Shanela across Ekurhuleni

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Picture: X / SAPoliceService

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