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Police Officer and 8 Suspects Arrested for Johannesburg Kidnapping and Ransom Syndicate, Eliciting Public Outrage in SA



kidnapping and ransom syndicate in Johannesburg

In a shocking turn of events, a police officer found himself among the nine suspects apprehended for their involvement in a kidnapping and ransom syndicate in Johannesburg, explicitly targeting Portuguese business people.

Briefly News reports that the alarming revelation came to light when law enforcement agencies discovered that this police officer was part of a criminal syndicate responsible for abducting Portuguese businessmen and demanding ransom payments from their family members.

Unsurprisingly, South Africans were left feeling profoundly disappointed and angered that a member of the police force would become embroiled in such heinous criminal activities.

The South African Police Service (SAPS) relayed this disconcerting development via their official Facebook page, outlining the case details. According to the statement provided by SAPS, the abduction of the Portuguese businessman transpired on the 23rd of October, just outside his residence in Bramley.

The SAPS National Anti-kidnapping Task Team took swift action. They promptly stormed the location the following day, successfully rescuing the businessman. During the operation, they apprehended five suspects at the scene.


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Furthermore, a separate site in Hillbrow led to the arrest of three additional suspects, with the most shocking twist being the arrest of a police officer whom the unit took into custody while on duty.

National Police Spokesperson Brigadier Athlenda Mathe revealed that this kidnapping syndicate was allegedly involved in five abduction cases aimed at Portuguese business people residing in South Africa.

General Fannie Masemola, the national commissioner, expressed his deep disappointment in the arrest of a police officer for criminal involvement. He asserted that no member of the police force is above the law, and those who transgress it will face the appropriate consequences.

In response to this development, numerous netizens on Facebook took the opportunity to commend the SAPS for their diligent work and condemn the actions of the arrested police officer. One Facebook user, Ram Sy Cyrus, commented, “Well done, SAPS. Corrupt police officials are the ones who influence crime in the country, and they are a disgrace to our law enforcement. Keep it up, SAPS, for not covering this behavior.”


Aya Ngalo said, “I’m very disappointed in SAPS members supporting crime.”

Thaviso Mahlangu encouraged the law enforcement agencies, saying, “Well done, law enforcement. Keep up the good work. Let’s hope the courts won’t release them.”

Nomsa Nelisa Manyama shared her apprehension, remarking, “The dignity of the state is going down almost every day. It means we must not trust anyone.”

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Picture: X / SAPoliceService

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