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Nearly 73m is owed to a municipality for water consumption



73m is owed to a municipality for water consumption

Nearly 73m is owed to a municipality for water consumption. Mogale City Local Municipality (MCLM) is taking significant steps to address its water revenue collection challenges. A new prepaid water meter conversion project has started, targeting those prepaid water users who have not been purchasing or paying for their water consumption.

According to Refilwe Mahlangu, MCLM’s communications officer, households and commercial properties that have accessed water without purchasing water tokens will undergo a meter replacement process. Once converted, consumers will receive monthly bills based on their actual water meter readings. This approach addresses water loss challenges that have significantly impacted the municipality’s revenue.

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In a statement, the municipality revealed that a substantial portion of its water supply, approximately 64.90%, does not generate revenue. Furthermore, consumers owe the municipality nearly R73 million for water consumed.

The municipality encourages consumers who have not been paying or purchasing water to report faulty prepaid meters. They can do this by emailing [email protected] or by visiting the offices at the President’s Building on President Street in the CBD. Notably, converting from prepaid to conventional meters will come at no cost to customers. This proactive initiative is crucial in improving the municipality’s water revenue collection and financial stability.


Source: Close to R73m owed to municipality for water consumption

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