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JMPD Denies Roadblock Arrests for Municipal Defaulters



municipal defaulters facing a roadblock arrest

According to Xolani Fihla, a metro police spokesperson, the initiative to settle outstanding municipal debts is not intended to lead to municipal defaulters facing a roadblock arrest but instead aims to provide a convenient way for residents to pay these accounts.

According to Jacaranda FM, a pilot project was initiated to address outstanding municipal debts in Johannesburg. The project started outside Johannesburg Zoo, where metro police officers began checking motorists’ IDs for unpaid municipal bills.

The project is part of a broader effort to help the city recover the R48 billion owed in unpaid municipal bills. Fihla noted that the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) collaborated with various city departments in this multi-pronged operation.

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At roadblocks, officers addressed traffic-related matters and assisted motorists inquiring about and settling their outstanding municipal bills. The emphasis is on enhancing the city’s service delivery process.


This approach seeks to facilitate compliance with municipal financial obligations and reduce the backlog of unpaid bills, which has significantly strained the city’s resources. While the project represents a proactive step to address this issue, it also recognises residents’ challenges in settling their municipal debts.

By making it more convenient for individuals to inquire about and settle these accounts, the city aims to improve its overall financial stability and ensure the continued provision of essential services to its residents. This pilot project serves as an example of innovative strategies municipalities are employing to tackle the issue of unpaid bills and enhance their financial sustainability.

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