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Eskom Urges South Africans to Reduce Usage to Prevent Higher Stages of Load Shedding



eskom urges SA to avoid higher load-shedding stages

South African households and businesses are facing a critical electricity situation as a cold front sweeps across various parts of the country. Eskom urges SA to avoid higher load-shedding stages, such as stages 7 or 8.

EWN reports that the arrival of the cold snap has led to a notable surge in electricity demand, further straining an already challenged power grid. Earlier this week, South Africa experienced indefinite stage 6 power cuts, underlining the severity of the situation.

Eskom’s spokesperson, Daphne Mokwena, emphasised the need for a collective effort to reduce electricity consumption, particularly during the critical hours between 17:00 and 21:00. She urged citizens to switch off non-essential appliances, with a particular focus on geysers, swimming pool pumps, and electric heaters. Mokwena explained these measures are crucial for alleviating the immense pressure on the power system and preventing the need for even higher load-shedding stages.

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The country struggles with frequent power outages and strained resources. The situation has significant implications for households, businesses, and the broader economy, making responsible electricity usage a matter of national importance.


Eskom has consistently urged South Africans to use electricity wisely, and this latest plea underscores the critical nature of the current power supply challenges. As the cold weather sets in and energy demand surges, the cooperation of all citizens is essential to mitigate the risk of more severe load-shedding stages and the associated disruptions they bring.

In the face of this urgent call for reduced electricity consumption, South Africans are asked to ensure a stable power supply during this challenging period.

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