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Johannesburg Authorities Confirm Gas Leak as Cause of Explosion



a gas leak caused the Johannesburg explosion

Authorities confirmed a gas leak caused the Johannesburg explosion that ripped through Lillian Ngoyi Street (previously Bree Street) in the city centre. According to allAfrica, the blast caused extensive damage, leading to one fatality and 48 injuries. At least 23 vehicles were also affected, some carrying commuters at the time.

The explosion impacted City Power’s and Johannesburg Water’s equipment. Both entities had to halt their direct services to the area. However, they have assured the public that they will dispatch personnel to fix the affected lines once the region is safe.

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During a press conference on Friday, July 21, 2023, Johannesburg’s city manager, Floyd Brink, confirmed that a gas leak caused the explosion. The City’s emergency management services team has diligently worked to remove the trapped gas from the subsurface system using positive-pressure ventilation fans to address the issue. Brink reassured the public that the tunnels would be gas-free by Monday, July 24, allowing for power restoration.

Due to the unstable ground caused by the explosion, the City has issued a warning against approaching the site, even during the gas clearance process. The holes have widened since the incident, increasing the risk of a potential road collapse.


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