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Accused in Kirsten Kluyts Murder Case Confesses to Wearing Victim’s Shirt



In the ongoing trial of the tragic case involving the murder of Delta Park High School teacher Kirsten Kluyts, a new revelation has come to light. The 21-year-old Varsity College student accused of her rape, murder, and aggravated robbery confessed to wearing Kluyts’ shirt on the day of her murder. This admission was made during the second day of his bail application at the Alexandra Magistrates’ Court on Monday, December 18.

The accused, whose identity has been withheld due to legal reasons, is facing serious charges in connection with Kluyts’ death, which occurred during a MyRun event in October. Kluyts’ body was later discovered on a path near the Sandton Sports Club. According to reports, the accused also admitted to using his black shirt to wrap other items of Kluyts’ clothing.

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Compounding the gravity of the case, an excerpt from the 11-page autopsy report read in court on December 19 revealed startling details. Contrary to initial suspicions, the autopsy indicated no obvious signs of rape. However, it was disclosed that Kluyts was over three months pregnant and expecting a baby boy at the time of her untimely death.

The proceedings have gripped public attention, with each court session revealing more details about the tragic event. The revelation about the pregnancy adds a poignant dimension to an already heart-wrenching case, deepening the sense of loss and tragedy surrounding Kluyts’ death. The court continues to unravel the circumstances of this case, as the accused remains under scrutiny for his involvement in the heinous crime.


Source: A 21-year-old accused admits to wearing Kluyts shirt

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