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Celebrated South African Chef Fatima Sydow Passes Away at 50



It is with profound sadness that the family of Fatima Sydow, a South African culinary icon, announced her passing at the age of 50. Fatima, revered for her extraordinary culinary talent, effervescent spirit, and warm demeanor, passed away peacefully in the hospital, surrounded by her loved ones, following a three-year battle with soft tissue sarcoma.

Fatima Sydow, who began her culinary journey at the young age of 9 in Cape Town, became a beloved figure in South Africa’s culinary landscape. Her passion for food and dedication to sharing her cultural heritage through her recipes have left an indelible mark on the hearts and kitchens of many. Known for her exceptional skills in the kitchen and her ability to connect with people through food, Fatima’s legacy extends beyond her dishes, embodying the essence of love, unity, and connection.

The family’s statement, as per reports, reflects on Fatima’s journey and the profound impact she had on the culinary world. “Fatima’s legacy, through her cookbooks, Facebook, YouTube Channel, spices, and savouries, will continue to inspire and bring joy to kitchens around the world,” the statement read. The family encourages everyone to honor her memory by sharing meals with loved ones and cherishing the moments spent together.

Fatima’s illustrious career included the self-publication of her first book, “The Journey of Cape Malay Cooking with Fatima Sydow,” which was widely acclaimed for its accessible and evocative recipes. She also co-hosted the television show “Kaap, Kerri, and Koesisters” with her twin sister Gadija, which enjoyed six successful seasons. Her subsequent books, “Cape, Curry, and Koesister” and “Fatima Sydow Cooks,” along with her YouTube channel, further cemented her status as a culinary luminary.

In her final work, “Fatima Sydow Cape Malay Cooking – My Story, My Heritage,” she sought to leave a legacy of love, unity, and connection through the communal experience of food. Her spice and Cape Malay savouries range exemplified her commitment to sharing her heritage with a broader audience.


The culinary world mourns the loss of Fatima Sydow, whose passion for cooking and heartwarming personality touched the lives of many. Her legacy will undoubtedly continue to resonate in the kitchens and hearts of those she inspired. Details regarding her Janazah (funeral prayers) will be communicated by the family in due course.

Source: Fatima Sydow’s family confirms news of her passing

Picture: fatima_sydow_cooks / Instagram

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