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ActionSA Blames Lack of Foresight for Joburg’s Man-Made Water Crisis



water crisis

The ongoing water crisis in Johannesburg has prompted criticism from ActionSA. The group attributes the problem to successive administrations’ lack of foresight and investment in infrastructure. According to Nobuhle Mthembu, ActionSA’s Joburg caucus leader, the crisis results from poor governance and years of neglect, as reported by IOL.

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Technical issues, compounded by ageing infrastructure, have exacerbated the situation, leaving residents in areas like Soweto and Roodepoort without reliable water supply. Mthembu emphasised the urgent need for infrastructure maintenance and replacing outdated pipes with PVC alternatives. She also questioned the city’s spending on temporary solutions like water tankers instead of investing in long-term fixes.

Meanwhile, WaterCAN expressed alarm over the authorities’ handling of the crisis, urging transparent and proactive communication from city officials. Dr Ferrial Adam, executive manager of WaterCAN, stressed the importance of open dialogue and genuine solutions rather than political manoeuvring. She criticised the reliance on temporary measures like water tanks. She called for sustained engagement with residents to address the underlying issues.

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