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Alex School Boys Embark on the “From Boys to Good Men” Journey



Alex School Boys Embark on the "From Boys to Good Men" Journey

On October 21, KwaBhekilanga and East Bank High School’s male students from Alexandra joined the “progressive journey” towards good masculinity at Ster-Kinekor in Rosebank Mall, a crucial step in Primestars’ mission to foster responsible masculinity and combat gender-based violence in South Africa. Alexandra was identified as a significant area affected by the surge in gender-based violence, particularly during the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdown.

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Primestars’ “What About the Boys” initiative emerged in response to the need for programs to protect girls and address the root cause of the issue, which often stems from a flawed masculinity mindset. Primestars’ Managing Director, Martin Sweet, initiated this program, emphasising the importance of shifting boys from a “tough boys” mentality to fostering good men who respect the opposite sex.

At the Ster-Kinekor event, Greg Solomon, CEO of McDonald’s South Africa, emphasised the crucial role of these young men in defending, protecting, and respecting women and girls. He encouraged them to use their masculinity positively, as they were created to safeguard those of the weaker gender in their families, communities, countries, and the world as a whole. Solomon underscored the importance of protecting women and girls for the prosperity of humanity and acknowledged their pivotal role in our existence.

Following Solomon’s inspiring talk, the boys viewed the film “What About the Boys?” and participated in mentorship sessions to guide them on their path to becoming responsible, respectful men.


Source:  Alex school boys join the ‘from boys to good men’ journey

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