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Germiston Bedfordview SPCA addresses euthanisation allegations



allegations of euthanising animals intended for adoption

In response to allegations of euthanising animals intended for adoption and complaints from residents regarding adoption challenges, the Germiston Bedfordview SPCA has expressed its deep concern. Roxanne Bredenkamp, the branch chairperson, stated, “Euthanising a healthy animal is heartbreaking, and we categorically deny any notion of doing so willingly.” These allegations came to light in an article published by Bedfordview and Edenvale News/Germiston City News on May 10.

The SPCA emphasised that recent negativity and accusations have had a detrimental impact on the branch’s reputation and operations. Bredenkamp expressed her frustration, saying, “It’s difficult to understand why our dedicated staff, who work tirelessly to prevent animal cruelty, are being labeled as ‘murderers,’ ‘heartless,’ and ‘uncaring’.”

Bredenkamp further explained the challenging reality faced by their staff, highlighting the sheer number of animals under their care. While euthanasia is a sensitive subject, she emphasised that the long-term confinement of animals can also be considered cruel. The SPCA’s primary mission is the prevention of cruelty to animals, and they firmly believe that humane euthanasia becomes necessary under certain circumstances.

Despite their efforts, some residents criticise the branch, accusing them of failing the animals. Bredenkamp addressed these concerns by stating, “Convincing someone to rescue an animal from being put to sleep is irresponsible and jeopardises the animal’s long-term welfare. Each situation is handled with compassion and care.”

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According to the branch’s policies, they keep stray animals for seven days before being available for adoption. Bredenkamp refuted the allegations of euthanising animals with prospective homes, asserting that specific adoption procedures include home checks, sterilisation, microchipping, and vaccination.

When faced with limited space, Bredenkamp asked the critics, “What are we supposed to do?” She emphasised that the Germiston Bedfordview SPCA is a community of animal lovers and pleaded for assistance. The branch is understaffed, needs more vehicles, and needs more financial obligations. Bredenkamp appealed to the public to support the SPCA’s efforts by becoming part of the solution rather than contributing to the problem. Those interested in helping raise funds can contact the branch at 082 675 0072.

In response to these allegations, NSPCA spokesperson Keshvi Nair clarified that each SPCA branch operates autonomously and is responsible for its daily operations. The NSPCA ensures that its member societies comply with the SPCA Act and its rules. Like many others, Nair acknowledged that the Germiston Bedfordview SPCA faces financial challenges that could lead to closure without sufficient support.

Nair emphasised the unfortunate reality that euthanasia is sometimes necessary for SPCAs. However, unlike “slow-kill” shelters, which can turn animals away when their capacity is full, the SPCA does not have that luxury. Nair reiterated that the SPCA accepts all unwanted, sick, stray, and injured animals. She refuted the rumours and allegations, pointing out the countless South Africans who have adopted animals from SPACs. This information contradicts the notion that SPCAs euthanise all animals.

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Despite their ongoing struggle to meet financial obligations, the Germiston Bedfordview SPCA remains committed to combating animal cruelty and providing care for the animals under their protection. Nair urged the Germiston and Bedfordview communities to support their local SPCA. You can forward complaints regarding the Germiston Bedfordview SPCA to the NSPCA liaison unit by calling the National Council at 011 907 3590.

It is crucial to address the challenges of breeding neglect, animal abandonment, and irresponsible pet ownership to tackle the issue of animal overpopulation effectively. The Germiston Bedfordview SPCA is dedicated to upholding its mission of preventing animal cruelty, and they vehemently deny the allegations of euthanising animals designated for adoption.

In these trying times, they implore the community to stand together and support their cause. Rather than perpetuating baseless accusations, it is essential to understand the realities they face, including limited resources and a lack of space. By being part of the solution, whether through financial contributions or volunteer work, individuals can help alleviate the strain on the Germiston Bedfordview SPCA.

Source: Germiston Bedfordview SPCA responds to euthanisation allegations

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