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Midrand SPCA Receives New Vehicle Thanks to Anonymous Donor for Transporting Animals in Need



anonymous donor

An anonymous donor provided an unprecedented donation, which was used to acquire a new vehicle for Johannesburg’s SPCA Midrand branch to transport animals. This variety of kindness manifests a profound concern about animal welfare, which both the SPCA crew and the donor share.

In a recent social media post, the Midrand SPCA expressed its appreciation for the donor’s generosity, showcasing the vehicle’s immense contribution to making rescue operations much more accessible. Although this donation provides valuable support, the SPCA needs additional vehicles for effective teamwork to improve the community.

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Along with the donor’s kind gesture, many animals will now be safe and able to receive treatment. The SPCA appreciated Cowan Signs and Digisky Tracking for supporting the new vehicle and reinforcing the community foundation of animal welfare services in the town.


The anonymous donor has become a darling of the SPCA crew, who express heartfelt thanks for the ultimate contribution to saving local animals.

Source: Anonymous donor funds new vehicle for Midrand SPCA to transport animals in need

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Picture: Meta / SPCA Midrand


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