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Dogs By-law Draft Faces Close Scrutiny



draft by-law

The draft by-law concerning dogs underwent public scrutiny at various civic centres last week, initiating discussions on sterilisation, strays, and dog-related nuisances. Email submissions are welcomed until March 31 via [email protected], encouraging public engagement in shaping the proposed regulations.

Among the stringent measures proposed are licensing fees per dog and restrictions on the number of dogs per property. The by-law, applicable citywide, aims to regulate dog ownership, breeding, and control over dogs by their owners. Proposed restrictions vary based on property size, with additional regulations for businesses handling food products. Certain entities, like pet shops and veterinary clinics, may be exempt but will require permits.

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Violations may lead to permit cancellation or the removal of dogs from the owner’s care, pending council determination. The by-law empowers council-appointed officials to inspect premises, impound stray dogs, and demand necessary sterilisation. Furthermore, it addresses dog waste management, requiring owners to clean up after their dogs in public areas.

Willie du Plessis, Boksburg SPCA’s vice-chairperson, has committed to providing feedback on the draft by-law after attending a public participation meeting.


Source: Draft by-law on dogs under scrutiny

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Picture: Meta / City of Ekurhuleni

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