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Bakkies in Brakpan: Common Targets for Theft




At the recent SAPS stakeholders’ meeting in Brakpan, concerns over escalating vehicle theft, mainly targeting bakkies, took centre stage. Held on April 24 at the Thabong Wedding and Conference Venue, the gathering highlighted a worrisome 14% increase in vehicle theft cases compared to the previous year. Bakkies like the Toyota Hilux, Toyota Fortuner, and Ford Ranger are prime targets, often stolen from high-traffic areas such as the Brakpan CBD and school events.

In addition to vehicle theft, theft from motor vehicles at shopping centres remains prevalent, with items like tools, electronics, and spare wheels frequently stolen. To mitigate such crimes, the SAPS advises the public against leaving valuables visible in vehicles, especially on bakkies’ open backs. Collaboration between schools, community policing forums (CPFs), security companies, and the SAPS for event patrols was emphasised to enhance security measures and deter criminal activity.

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Meanwhile, social media fraud poses another significant threat, with numerous cases reported daily. Brigadier Fredl Jonck, the Brakpan station commander, cautioned against falling victim to scams advertised on social platforms, urging vigilance and scepticism among the public.

Furthermore, there has been a concerning increase in the theft of gate motors and laser beams from homes, primarily impacting areas like Brenthurst and the Brakpan CBD. Security company representatives suggest connecting these devices to home security systems to trigger alarms in case of tampering. Amidst these challenges, house burglaries have surged in Leachville and Anzac, indicating potential crime shifts to Sunair Park. Additionally, April saw three reported murders, highlighting the ongoing need for vigilance and community collaboration in combatting crime.


Source: Bakkies are common targets for theft

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Picture: Supplied by Brakpan Herald

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