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Big Increase in Fuel Prices Expected for September, Warns AA



big increase in fuel prices for september

Motorists across South Africa are bracing themselves for another blow to their budgets as the Automobile Association (AA) has warned about a big increase in fuel prices for September. This announcement comes in a year already marked by erratic fluctuations in fuel costs, driven by various global and economic factors.

The anticipated price hikes for September are projected as follows:

  • Unleaded Petrol 93 (ULP93) to rise by approximately R1.41 per litre.
  • Unleaded Petrol 95 (ULP95) could experience an increase of around R1.45 per litre.
  • Diesel prices to surge by an alarming R2.60 per litre.

Should these forecasts materialize, the cost of ULP93 will escalate from the current R22.43 per litre to approximately R23.84 per litre inland. The price could rise for coastal regions from R21.71 to around R23.12 per litre. ULP95 might increase from R22.83 per litre to R24.28 per litre inland and R22.11 to R23.56 per litre on the coast.

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Should these price predictions remain accurate after the final midnight adjustments on September 6, they would represent the highest ULP93 and ULP95 prices experienced throughout the year. However, the most significant impact is likely to be on diesel prices, with potential consequences including:

  • The most expensive diesel variant (50ppm, inland) potentially reaches R23.13 per litre.
  • The least costly diesel variant (500ppm, coastal) potentially costs as much as R22.09 per litre.

These impending price hikes will likely pressure various sectors, especially those reliant on diesel, such as agriculture, retail, and manufacturing.

The official adjusted fuel prices will be released by September 4, with the final midnight adjustment scheduled for September 6. While it’s important to note that these predictions are based on mid-month data and subject to change, the current indications strongly point towards a significant increase in fuel prices for September. This news adds another layer of economic challenges for motorists and various industries already navigating an uncertain financial landscape.


Source: Fuel prices expected to increase dramatically – AA

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