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Koeberg Unit 1 Set to Return to Service in November After Repairs



Koeberg Unit 1 will return to service in November

Eskom has announced that Koeberg Unit 1 will return to service in November. The utility has installed new steam generators in the unit, boasting increased efficiency and the capacity to generate an additional 27 megawatts of power. This enhancement will enable Koeberg to contribute to the country’s electricity supply for many years, as per EWN.

According to Eskom’s plan, the rejuvenated Koeberg Unit 1 will be reactivated on November 3. Subsequently, Koeberg Unit 2 will undergo maintenance and be temporarily taken offline on November 7.

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Eskom’s spokesperson, Daphne Mokwena, emphasised the significance of this project, labelling it as a pioneering endeavour. She noted that the plant’s design, along with ongoing safety enhancements, meticulous maintenance practices, and rigorous testing protocols throughout its operational history, justifies Eskom’s application for a license to extend its operational lifespan by an additional 20 years.

The Koeberg Nuclear Power Station near Cape Town is crucial in South Africa’s power generation landscape. The successful repair and planned rejuvenation of Koeberg Unit 1 will likely contribute to the stability of the country’s electricity supply as it navigates various challenges in its energy sector.


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