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Jardine Plans to Unveil Change Starts Now Manifesto in Soweto



change starts now manifesto

Former banker Roger Jardine will launch the Change Starts Now manifesto in 2024 in Soweto on Monday morning. According to EWN, the manifesto launch follows a weekend clean-up campaign organised by the organisation. This initiative is part of their commitment to revitalising neglected public spaces and amenities.

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Jardine officially introduced his party, the Change Starts Now, in December last year. This week marks a significant moment as Jardine, a former banker and Primedia CEO, unveils his inaugural manifesto. In a political landscape filled with competing proposals, Jardine aims to offer a distinctive vision for change. He emphasises the importance of citizen input in shaping the party’s action plans.

According to Jardine, genuine governance involves listening to and learning from the people. His outfit plans to host a solidarity walk at the Walter Sisulu Square in Kliptown, culminating in delivering the manifesto around midday.

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Picture: Facebook / Roger Jardine

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