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ANC Headquarters targeted as citizen playfully renames it ‘Chief Albert Lootfreely House’ on Google



Chief Albert Lootfreely House

Many South Africans have reached their limit with the corruption plaguing the ruling African National Congress (ANC). In a display of frustration mixed with humour, an unknown citizen decided to make a statement by renaming the ANC headquarters in Johannesburg to “Chief Albert Lootfreely House”.

According to Briefly News, the unexpected makeover occurred on Google Maps, but someone eventually had Google remove it. Although, now it’s going by another name, “ANC looters Head Office.” This amusing alteration wasn’t limited to Google alone; even the Wikipedia page of the headquarters was targeted.

The official name of the building is Chief Albert Luthuli House, serving as the home of the governing party since 1977, as reported by TimesLIVE. However, the cheeky online vandalism didn’t stop there. Eskom’s MegaWatt Park, the power utility’s Sunninghill head office, also experienced a renaming. It now proudly appears as “MegaGravy Train Park” on Google Maps, a play on the concept of a gravy train where individuals profit without putting in much effort. These tongue-in-cheek name changes reflect the mounting frustration over inefficiency and corruption within Eskom and the ANC.

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News24 revealed that Google’s user policy enables individuals signed into their Google accounts to suggest changes to the names of locations on Google Maps. After review and approval by Google, the proposed changes become visible. The alterations to the ANC and Eskom headquarters’ names have generated amusement and commentary among South Africans.


Social media users reacted to the name changes, with @DocHassim finding it brilliant and apt. At the same time, @nudgeitforward believed it to be the most accurate name change the country has witnessed. @heinwelman appreciated the opportunity for honest public contributions, and @PanjandrumTG humorously remarked if this finally meant truth in advertising.

As South Africans grapple with corruption and inefficiency within the ANC and Eskom, this creative act of renaming the ANC headquarters to Chief Albert Lootfreely House highlights the growing public sentiment and desire for accountability and change. In addition, the incident serves as a reminder that citizens are finding unique ways to voice their frustrations and hopes for more transparent and responsible governance.

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Picture: Twitter / FlameZA_YT

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