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Rising cases of dog poisoning in Pretoria cause concern



dog poisoning cases in Pretoria

There has been an alarming surge in dog poisoning cases in Pretoria. The distressing situation has caught the attention of Marinda Gelderbloem, who has noticed a significant increase, particularly from Daspoort to Mountainview, as well as in the Moot region.

Gelderbloem expresses her anguish: “It is getting out of control with dogs dying the most painful death, which seems to be a daily occurrence. We are desperate to stop this madness.”

According to Gelderbloem, they have witnessed one of the worst incidents in the past week. Approximately seven dogs tragically lost their lives in the vicinity alone, not including the numerous cases reported from other areas. Tonight, she received news of another poisoning incident in Mountain View, intensifying her desperation and prompting her to seek help.

Private investigator Mike Bolhuis reveals that the unfortunate trend of dog poisoning cases has been on the rise for years. Through his K9 unit, he has gathered crucial information on how dog owners can protect their beloved pets.

Bolhuis explains, “The primary motivation behind poisoning dogs is for criminals to gain access to properties. Today’s criminals meticulously plan their entry points and determine whether any dogs reside on the premises. If they discover the presence of dogs, they resort to poisoning them.” He further reveals that the most commonly used poison is still two-step, although other toxic substances are employed. First, criminals often place the poison on enticing pieces of meat, such as steak, that they know the dogs will consume.


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Bolhuis adds that criminals employ various methods to incapacitate dogs, including using tasers to electrocute them. However, there are preventive measures that dog owners can take. For instance, allowing dogs to sleep in areas where criminals cannot easily access them is recommended for both large and small dogs. In addition, training programs are available to teach dogs only to accept food from their designated owners.

Bolhuis advises property owners to remain vigilant and inspect their premises for any suspicious changes in terrain, which could indicate the presence of buried poisoned meat. In addition, he urges them to walk around their properties and ensure that everything is in order, as dogs have an incredible sense of smell and may be tempted to eat anything they come across.

In the event of dog poisoning, Bolhuis suggests three immediate actions. First, keep atropine on hand at home, as it can help counteract the effects of poisoning. One person should contact the veterinarian, another should prepare the car for transportation, and someone knowledgeable should administer the atropine before promptly driving the dog to the vet.

Bolhuis and his team can be reached via WhatsApp at 082 447 6116 for assistance or further information. Their expertise and guidance can prove invaluable in addressing this distressing issue and safeguarding the well-being of our beloved canine companions.


Source: Dog poisoning cases on the rise

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