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Mayor Amad Takes Bold Steps Towards Greater Accountability in First IDP Session – What You Need to Know!



City of Johannesburg held the first Integrated Development Plan

On Saturday, 1 April 2023, the City of Johannesburg held the first Integrated Development Plan (also known as IDP) meeting of the year at the Finetown Multipurpose Centre in Ennerdale, Region G. According to the City of Johannesburg, the IDP is a five-year plan outlining the City’s planning and budgeting. It aims to include residents in the decision-making of projects and programs conducted in their areas.

Councillor Colleen Makhubele, Speaker of Council, led the session, reminding residents that it was a chance to contribute to the draft IDP. “We already had community-based planning meetings within the wards, and those sessions were used to raise service delivery issues, social issues and concerns,” stated Counsellor Makhubele.

Counsellor Thapelo Amad, Executive Mayor of the City of Johannesburg, presented the draft IDP, highlighting the increased unemployment rate, especially among the youth, at 53.3%. Johannesburg contributes 16% to the national gross domestic product, the largest city in South Africa. However, 52.5% of the population lives below the poverty line.

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Councillor Amad emphasised the need for the City to plan and prepare for more people looking to move to or within the City and to increase money to be more sustainable in the long run. The City aims to achieve sustainable, liveable, safe, healthy, and connected communities.
Residents raised concerns about crime, load shedding, and Gauteng’s lack of employment opportunities. The City promised to address some of the residents’ concerns.

The City aims for equality and fairness in the distribution of resources among communities, and it needs the residents’ input to achieve this. It is working towards alternative energy, better water and sanitation services, infrastructure to uphold services, and exploring growth and employment opportunities. However, the City must also plan to achieve goals and be ready for future challenges like climate change.


“We therefore welcome the inputs of the people regarding the people’s IDP. We are open to hearing about your needs if they are sound, healthy, and for the greater good,” stated Counsellor Amad.

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