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City of Johannesburg Achieves Record Success in Systems Maintenance – Find Out What You Need to Know



City of Johannesburg celebrates success in systems maintenance

Johannesburg is excited to announce that its Enterprise Resource Planning system is running after undergoing essential maintenance. According to Southern Courier, the internal teams have worked tirelessly to improve system performance, especially in billing activities and cash collection. The City is proud of its achievement. While some services are still being restored, they expect all work to be completed by April 3.

They want the community to become used to the available services, such as applying for pensioner rebates and issuing clearance certificates. You can contact them if you need to open or close an account. They understand that some services may still be temporarily unavailable. Still, you can view your statements on the e-Joburg platform, pay at walk-in centres or use third-party services like Easy Pay and Shoprite Checkers.

Suppose you have yet to receive your latest invoice. In that case, the City recommends paying based on your previous statement to stay caught up on payments. You can contact their customer service team through their website or social media platforms.

The City of Johannesburg is proud of its commitment to continuously improving its services and aligning with industry standards. They apologise for any inconvenience caused during maintenance and appreciate the community’s patience.

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Picture:  Photo by Clodagh Da Paixao on Unsplash

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