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City Power Issues Apology to East Joburg Residents Amid Ongoing Outages



City Power apologised to Johannesburg residents

Residents in the eastern neighbourhoods of Johannesburg, encompassing Kensington, Houghton Estate, and Yeoville, find themselves enduring a third consecutive day without electricity following a substation fire on Saturday morning. In response to the ongoing power outage, City Power apologised to Johannesburg residents. EWN reports that the outage, triggered by a substation blaze, has left several areas, including Kensington, Houghton Estate, and Yeoville, in complete darkness since the incident occurred on Saturday. The utility acknowledges the significant damage to the substation but assures the community that repair efforts are underway and progressing.

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City Power’s Arsenio Cossa provided an update on the situation, indicating substantial progress in the repair process. “We have also laid those cables, and the teams are busy testing the relays. We are happy with that progress, on that end,” explained Cossa. However, challenges persist as the team concurrently addresses issues with the 88KV line, which also experienced a disruption. The outcome of these efforts is pending, and City Power promises to inform residents of the following steps once a resolution is reached. Despite the difficulties, the utility remains committed to restoring power to the affected areas and minimising the inconvenience caused by the prolonged outage.

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