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Residents Endure Living Nightmare as Sewage Woes Persist



residents live with sewage

In Albert Luthuli Park, Ext 4, residents live with sewage. They are facing a relentless flow into their homes and streets. The ongoing sewage spills are taking a toll on the affected community members, severely impacting their quality of life. Lulamani Ndlangamandla, a resident, reveals that recurring blockages began a year ago due to the lack of infrastructure maintenance, forcing residents to endure the unbearable stench of sewage overflowing from a maintenance hole within their yards. Ndlangamandla, who depends on rental income, recounts the loss of a tenant who had to move out due to the health hazards posed by the sewage, underscoring the urgent need for intervention.

Sibongile Ngwenya, another resident who owns an early childhood development centre, Successful Day Care, highlights the impact of the sewage smell on learners’ concentration, especially during hot weather. Joyce Mokubedu sheds light on the broader issues affecting the community, including the deteriorating state of roads leading to constant vehicle maintenance. Despite engaging with the local councillor, residents feel their pleas have fallen on deaf ears, leaving them in a dire situation.

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In response, the City of Ekurhuleni acknowledged the challenges faced by the community and outlined measures being taken by the Water and Sanitation Department to address the sewer incidents. Zweli Dlamini, the metro spokesperson, states that sewer teams are actively clearing blockages caused by foreign objects such as rubble, stones, sanitary towels, rugs, and carcasses. The city highlights preventative maintenance, including constantly monitoring sewer overflows, repairing broken lines, and conducting an education and awareness campaign in collaboration with the support service section to prevent the discharge of foreign objects and servitude encroachment.

Despite these efforts, residents dispute claims that all reported sewer incidents have been addressed, underscoring the urgent need for comprehensive and sustained solutions to alleviate their living conditions.


Source: Residents live in hell with sewerage

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