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Family Demands Justice Following Cold-Blooded Murder of Mr D Biker



murder of a Mr D biker

In Comet, family and friends are seeking justice for the murder of a Mr D biker. The late Julius Jenala, a 49-year-old father of four and delivery motorcycle rider for Takealot’s Mr D Boksburg hub, tragically passed away after being murdered during a hijacking. Julius, originally from Malawi, was fatally shot just below his chest while on his way home from his final delivery trip for the day on Main Reef Road. The assailants not only stole his bike and personal belongings but callously left him at the intersection of Main Reef and Pretoria roads. Good Samaritans protected his body from traffic while waiting for authorities. A family is seeking justice for the murder, urging anyone with information about the attack to come forward.

As the family mourns, they stress that closure will only come with the perpetrators facing justice. A family spokesperson, Nelson Charlie, recounts the shocking incident and emphasises the need for accountability. Julius was a loving husband, father, and his family’s breadwinner. He was going to spend Christmas in Malawi and is close to celebrating his 50th birthday on January 19. His body has been transported to Malawi for burial.

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While no arrests have been made in connection with Julius’s murder, recent criminal activities targeting delivery bikers have raised concerns. The escalating attacks not only pose a threat to the lives of drivers but also reveal systemic injustices faced by foreign national bikers. Takealot’s Mr D Boksburg hub management denounces the attacks on its drivers, highlighting the need for collaboration with local authorities to address the surge in robberies and hijackings. The management is particularly troubled by the increase in cases, with 21 recorded in October alone, highlighting the situation’s urgency.

Delivery bikers, especially foreign nationals, are facing discrimination and unfair treatment from some authorities, exacerbating the challenges they already face. The hub management is willing to cooperate with the police to protect drivers and curb criminal activities. The recent spike in crimes against delivery bikers raises concerns about a syndicate operating near the hub. As bikers’ safety is compromised, some areas are labelled as no-go zones, reflecting the severity of the issue.


Tracking companies recovering stolen bikes reveal that most hijacked bikes are stripped and sold as parts, with a significant portion smuggled to Mozambique and other neighbouring countries. The mystery surrounding how these bikes leave the country undetected adds another layer to the challenges the delivery biking community faces. The family of Julius Jenala and the broader community hope for swift justice and decisive action to ensure the safety of delivery bikers who play a crucial role in providing essential services.

Source: Family wants justice after cold-blooded murder of Mr D biker

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Picture: Facebook / Julius Jenala


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