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SAPS Apprehends Suspects Involved in Copper Cable Theft in Daveyton



copper cable theft

In a recent development, the SAPS made arrests in Daveyton related to copper cable theft, an ongoing issue in many communities. Three men were apprehended for possession of copper cables estimated at R25,000, following information about theft activity on Hlakwana Street at approximately 03:00.

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Constable Ntando Ngomane, spokesperson for Daveyton SAPS, reported that upon arrival at the scene, officers encountered a group of individuals gathered near a truck and two bakkies. When approached by the police, some suspects fled while others remained. One of the individuals claimed to be collaborating with law enforcement. Upon further investigation, the police discovered cables, a ladder, spades, and construction cones, which were seized as evidence.

The arrested suspects, including the truck driver, were transported to Daveyton SAPS for processing and subsequently appeared in court to face charges related to the theft of copper cables.

Source: SAPS arrest copper cable theft suspects in Daveyton


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Picture: Supplied by Benoni City Times

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