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Tshwane Falling Behind Debt Collection Target



Tshwane Ya Tima

Tshwane Ya Tima, the city’s debt-collection initiative, faces challenges meeting its monthly revenue targets. Despite ongoing efforts, Tshwane has only managed to collect 80 per cent of its targeted R6.2 billion revenue for this period. The campaign, which aimed to gather this amount within six months starting from February, has encountered hurdles.

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According to spokesperson Lindela Mashigo, while the initiative has been intensified since February to address the city’s R23.3-billion debt book, it has only seen limited success. Mashigo highlighted that residential areas, businesses, government offices, employees, and embassies are all being pursued for debt recovery, with some embassies owing significant amounts, including one with arrears exceeding R2 million.

Despite the campaign’s intensified efforts and the return of disconnection actions against defaulters, Tshwane still struggles to meet its financial targets. Mayor Cilliers Brink emphasised the importance of residents paying for services consumed, warning against illegal connections and affirming the city’s commitment to pursuing offenders legally.

Source: Tshwane behind debt collection target


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