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Councillors Unite with Germiston Residents Amid Power Crisis



DA councillors Kade Guerreiro (Ward 92), Wendy Morgan (Ward 36), and Jean Ingram (Ward 39) together with the Member of Parliament Michéle Clarke are in solidarity with Germiston residents on the energy crisis.

DA councillors Wendy Morgan, Kade Guerreiro, Jean Ingram, and MP Michéle Clarke have united in solidarity with the residents of Germiston to address the pressing energy crisis that has gripped the community.

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Their active support was demonstrated as they stood outside the civic centre on a Friday, joining the residents who had taken to the streets to express their dissatisfaction with the ongoing electricity crisis in Germiston.

In a collective support, the councillors united with the residents as they presented a memorandum of grievances concerning the energy crisis. Emphasising the gravity of the situation, they voiced their demand for a substantial enhancement in the delivery of energy services.

Ward 36 Clr Morgan asserted, “We align ourselves with the residents as they articulate their concerns about the energy crisis. Our call for improved energy service delivery is resolute and unwavering.”


The councillors were resolute in highlighting that the implications of the energy crisis extend far beyond electricity provision, impacting various facets of service delivery. This comprehensive impact, they explained, underscores the urgent prioritisation of resolving the energy challenges.

Clr Guerreiro, representing Ward 39, shared a vivid example of the dire consequences: “In Ward 92, we experienced an extended 55-day power outage that prompted us, as councillors, to actively engage in continual information-seeking endeavors, ensuring residents remain informed and rendering assistance where feasible.”

He further emphasised the financial toll: “The loss of revenue has had profound effects, particularly on vulnerable groups like the elderly who are forced to allocate additional funds – funds they can ill afford due to the necessity of accommodating crucial needs such as medical oxygen.”

Guerreiro’s dedication to resolution remained evident as he explained, “Our substantial commitment to addressing the power predicament is grounded in the tangible impact it exerts on our constituents’ well-being.”

MP Clarke further underscored their commitment by sharing that the matter had been elevated to the Human Rights Council for a thorough investigation.


The councillors’ messages, though reiterated, emanate from a place of genuine concern and resolve. Their unified stance underscores their commitment to both the immediate alleviation of the energy crisis and the broader enhancement of service delivery for the betterment of Germiston’s community.

Source: Councillors stand in solidarity with Germiston residents on power crisis

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Photo: Supplied by Germiston City News

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