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Vagrants Targeting Laerskool Goudrand’s Grade R School



This is how the Old Martin School used to look like before vagrants occupied it

Suspected vagrants inhabiting the vandalised Old Martin School building are believed to be responsible for a series of burglaries at the nearby Laerskool Goudrand.

The vandalised structure has become a hub for criminal activity, located at the intersection of Eighth Street and Fifth Avenue, adjacent to their Grade R building.

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Goudrand Primary’s principal, Gert Botes, disclosed that the thieves breached a storeroom wall in their Grade R building.

“These criminals are brazenly plundering whatever they can lay their hands on. Recently, our mobile classroom was targeted, and they made off with everything – chairs, electric cables, and more.”


Botes further explained, “Last December, they forcibly entered the exterior rooms, absconding with belongings of the individuals residing there. This ongoing theft is imposing significant financial strain on the school as we grapple with equipment replacement costs.”

He emphasised that the situation has necessitated heightened security measures, which are costly. Additionally, the deteriorating condition of the vandalised building directly threatens the safety of the school’s children, who must pass by it daily. Botes advocated for either the demolition of the building or its allocation to the school for expansion.

He elaborated, “By extending our Grade R school, we’ll be in a position to accommodate more students and generate more employment opportunities.”

Botes expressed concerns about potential incidents occurring over weekends, indicating the perpetual unease that the situation brings.

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Lydia du Preez, a resident living near the abandoned building, provided further insight, stating that the vagrants systematically deconstruct the school for scrap materials.

“During the evenings, we’re subjected to the sounds of hammering, and come morning, sections of the building collapse. From my window, I’ve witnessed the extent of the damage and individuals dismantling the building to salvage its steel components,” she recounted.

An article previously published by the Boksburg Advertiser on July 24 reported that the Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development (DID) expressed intentions to demolish the structure.

Alfred Nhlapo, the DID’s acting spokesperson, revealed that a recent inspection highlighted the presence of vagrants unlawfully occupying the property.

Nhlapo clarified, “Ownership of the property has been transferred to the Gauteng provincial government. As an immediate measure, we’re planning to demolish the structure. We haven’t encountered any documentation indicating the department’s intention to designate the building as a heritage site.”


The depth of the situation underscores the urgent need for intervention and the concerted efforts of concerned parties to address the ongoing challenges posed by the vandalised building and its consequences.

Source: Vagrants preying on Laerskool Goudrand Grade R School

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