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Curro Sagewood Student Aims for International Success



Curro Sagewood learner

Kristin Singh, a determined and talented 17-year-old Curro Sagewood learner in Grade 11, is setting her sights on bigger international stages as she heads to Grade 12 next year with aspirations in the global film and fashion industry.

Kristin recently received a call-back to next year’s International ARTS Talent Showcase (IATS), where she competes for a scholarship with the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Adding to her achievements, she has also been chosen to walk the runways of London and Milan Fashion Week in February next year, making her one of the youngest models selected for this prestigious event.

This remarkable opportunity comes after only two meetings with the chairperson and CEO of 33 and Me Talent Agency and producer of IATS, Elsubie Louwrens. Louwrens, known for spotting raw talent and taking risks, has put her reputation on the line for an unknown face on an international platform, showcasing her admirable faith in Kristin.

Kristin looks forward to embracing the journey and positioning herself on a lucrative career path.

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For most of her schooling life, Kristin attended public school, but in the middle of her Grade 10 year, she moved to Curro, determined to pursue a career in the arts. Despite initial trepidation, Kristin has blossomed, displaying newfound strength and resilience. Her hard work, dedication, and the unwavering support of family and friends, including Curro’s principal, Johannes du Toit, have played a significant role in her success.

Particularly grateful to her mother, Kim Govender, Kristin acknowledges her as the most unwavering, steadfast supporter throughout her journey.

If Kristin secures the scholarship, she plans to study in New York. She aims to bring South African talent into the global spotlight. However, financial constraints pose a challenge, prompting her to launch a fundraising campaign to realise her dreams.

Proud of her daughter’s talent, Kristin’s mother expresses absolute faith in her daughter’s potential for success. Residents interested in supporting Kristin with funds can contact 076 757 2426.

Source: Curro Sagewood learner sets sight on bigger international stages


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