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Benoni’s Wanderlust Timber Wolf Safely Captured After Stroll



timber wolf has been safely recaptured

The timber wolf has been safely recaptured. Social media was abuzz this week following reports that the wolf was seen wandering around Benoni Agricultural Holdings on the East Rand.

IOL reports that authorities allege that the animal escaped from a property in the area on New Year’s Eve.

According to Absolute Exotics SA’s Christo Myburgh, Logan the wolf has been recaptured.

“Logan, the Canadian timber wolf, has been successfully captured with the assistance of Lapua Strike Force, a private security company. He will be relocated to a sanctuary equipped to meet his specialised needs,” Myburgh said.

“Absolute Exotics SA will soon release a comprehensive statement detailing Logan’s journey into our care, his escape, and his successful capture,” he added.


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Myburgh extended his gratitude to all those involved in the safe and successful recapture of Logan.

Absolute Exotics SA launched a search for Logan upon his escape.

A search party was set up, including officers from the South African Police Services K9 unit, to help track the animal down.

Absolute Exotics said Logan is not dangerous and was unlikely to threaten the public unless provoked.


Mzansi saw its fair share of escaped wild animals last year. The list included tigers, lions, and even buffalo.

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Picture: Wikimedia Commons

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