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Court Questions Legitimacy of Tikboxing




The Gauteng High Court in Pretoria recently addressed concerns surrounding the legality of tikboxing, a novel trend that involves hosting “for fun” TikTok star fights known as Tikbox. IOL reports that the court expressed reservations, suggesting that organising boxing contests among the public might potentially amount to organised crime and run contrary to societal morals.

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Tikbox League Ltd, the applicant at the centre of this legal scrutiny, actively promotes TikTok star fights in a manner deemed safe and controlled by the company. However, a dispute arose between the company and Francois du Toit, who asserted ownership of the business idea. This disagreement formed the basis of the court proceedings, shedding light on the intricate legal considerations surrounding Tikboxing.

In its deliberations, the court underscored the unlawful and moral implications of arranging contests that risk causing participants harm. Given these concerns, the court decided to reject the application put forth by Tikbox League Ltd. Additionally, the court took the proactive step of referring the matter to relevant authorities for further investigation, recognising the potential broader implications and legal ramifications of the Tikboxing trend.

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Picture: Pexels / Sora Shimazaki

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