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DEMS on High Alert After Heavy City Rains



DEMS on High Alert After Heavy City Rains

After heavy rainfall in the city region, the City of Ekurhuleni’s Disaster and Emergency Management Services (DEMS) have placed their rescue teams and firefighters on high alert. Although the rain has subsided, DEMS district manager media liaison William Ntladi has reported that teams actively monitor flood-prone areas throughout the city. This includes areas near low-lying bridges, informal and formal settlements adjacent to water streams or rivers, and the city as a whole, where life-threatening emergencies could occur.

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For safety during heavy rains, adults should collect children from schools and ensure their safe journey home. Pedestrians should avoid walking on flooded bridges where water is at ankle level, and motorists are urged to steer clear of driving across low-lying bridges submerged in water. Maintaining a safe following distance between vehicles and reducing speed to prevent accidents is essential. Ensuring the roadworthiness of vehicles, including proper tire treads and functional wiper blades, is crucial. Littering should be avoided as it can block stormwater drain systems.

In case of a life-threatening emergency, residents are encouraged to contact DEMS at 011 458 0911 or dial 112.

Source: DEMS on high alert following heavy rains in the city


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