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Gauteng Teachers Demand an End to Subpar School Contractors



Gauteng Teachers Demand an End to Subpar School Contractors

The Gauteng government is facing intense criticism from teachers who have voiced their concerns about the quality of contractors employed for school projects. The Portfolio Committee on Infrastructure Development has been conducting oversight visits to schools in the province with ongoing construction projects as reported by Eyewitness News.

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One such school is Lakeside Primary in Boksburg, where a R50 million renovation project has reportedly left the school worse than when it began. The school’s principal, Craig Thurton, expressed regret over the situation, stating that the project, intended as a blessing, has become a curse.

Thurton disputed the government’s claim of a 97% completion rate at Lakeside, citing a three-page defect list outlining unfinished work. Representatives from Mogobeng Primary also highlighted the delayed construction of a nutrition hall, which was initially meant to be a 12-month project but has now extended into its fifth year.

The teachers and school officials emphasise the need for accountability and quality in school construction projects, as they directly impact the children’s future. They call on the government to address these concerns promptly.


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