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Norwood Residents’ Frustration Grows as Illegal Structures Multiply



illegal structures

Norwood residents are expressing growing frustration as the number of illegal structures rises. JMPD’s spokesperson, Xolani Fihla, highlighted that the city’s Town Planning and Building Control departments enforce building and zoning by-laws. Residents direct their ire towards property owners who flout regulations by constructing without proper authorisation.

In a recent statement, Ward 73 councillor Eleanor Huggett emphasised addressing illegal building activities in Norwood. She presented a petition with over 700 signatures to the City of Joburg, urging action to halt unlawful construction and land use practices. Despite meeting with Executive Mayor Kabelo Gwamanda, Huggett is still waiting for a substantive response to this pressing issue.

Gwamanda acknowledged that combating illegal invasions is a priority for his office. He noted that the JMPD has a dedicated unit to address such matters. However, he clarified that legal processes, including obtaining court orders and providing alternative accommodation, complicate the city’s efforts to remove illegal occupants.

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Jason Grove, a member of the Norwood Business Association, highlighted collaborative efforts to combat slumlords, unauthorised construction, and property hijackings. These activities adversely affect property values in the neighbourhood. Meanwhile, Fihla stated that the JMPD is not directly involved in identifying illegal structures but can assist with safety and security concerns as needed.


Despite these efforts, Huggett revealed ongoing challenges with addressing specific instances of illegal building. She cited cases at 116-118 Ivy Road and 95-101 Iris Road, where unauthorised construction activities persisted despite regulatory violations. Huggett expressed disappointment in the leniency shown towards these infractions, urging stricter enforcement measures.

Source: Norwood residents continue to grow frustrated as the number of illegal structures increases

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