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Drag Racing Mishap – Severely Injured Man Rushed to Hospital for Critical Care



drag racing accident in Gezina

A drag racing accident in Gezina on Voortrekker Road turned a fun-filled event into tragedy on Sunday as a drag racer lost control and crashed into a sidewalk.

The video is circulating on social media. The reckless race involved a blue Mazda RX and a red BMW, with bystanders cheering on the drivers in what appeared to be an illegal drag race.

But the Mazda lost control and careened into the sidewalk. The driver was injured and transported to a nearby hospital.

Details about how many injuries were at the scene are uncertain.

Surprisingly, the Tshwane Emergency Services and the metro police department could not provide information regarding the accident.


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Charles Mabaso, a spokesperson for the emergency services, stated, “We are not aware of the incident, and we don’t have such a call log in our call book.”

Voortrekker Road is notorious for hosting illegal drag racing, with previous incidents causing the deaths of innocent bystanders.

Community members and activists have consistently urged authorities to take action against the illegal drag racing plaguing Pretoria, as high-speed accidents and collisions between racing cars have triggered outrage among residents, law enforcement, anti-crime groups, and civil action organizations.

The city has been called upon to urgently address this issue to curb drag racing and its tragic consequences.


Source: Critically injured man rushed to hospital after drag racing accident

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