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Rand Water Ensures No Water Shedding in Gauteng, Rules Out Possibility



water shedding in Gauteng

Rand Water has made it clear that the possibility of water shedding in Gauteng being implemented is ruled out.

As per Alpha Ramushwana via EWN, the management of the bulk water supplier provided an update on the situation in Glenvista, south of Johannesburg, on Wednesday.

Several communities in Johannesburg have been grappling with a lack of water for weeks as water reservoir levels remain critically low.

Rand Water has emphasised that it has been pumping water to its customers at maximum capacity, and the water supply issues affecting Gauteng’s municipalities are primarily due to municipal inefficiencies.

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The bulk water supplier has stated that its pumping systems are functioning optimally, and water production and distribution to municipalities have been occurring without significant disruptions.

Mahlomola Mehlo, Rand Water’s COO, clarified that there are no indications of water shedding being necessary anytime soon.

Regarding water shedding, he stated, “From a Rand Water point of view, no. From a customer’s point of view, I do not know. I cannot speak on behalf of the customers, they’ve got their own authority and their own water bodies.”

Water shifting has been implemented in certain areas, meaning that some communities will receive water from reservoirs that don’t typically supply them.

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