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Illegal Dumping Persists as Landfill Site Remains Closed



dumping at Rietfontein Landfill Site

Dumping at the Rietfontein Landfill Site continues as it remains closed. This has led to accumulating rubbish in the area. For years, the landfill site has been a source of concern for residents of Kwa-Thema Ext 4, who endure the stench emanating from the site. Despite the current closure of the site, dumping activities persist outside the designated area, contributing to unpleasant odours that affect the residents.

The community took the initiative to close the site in August, resisting several attempts by the metro to reopen it. Numerous meetings between MMCs for Environment and Waste Management and the community have occurred, with the latest occurring last November with MMC Leshaka Manamela. However, promises made during these meetings, such as cleaning the area within two weeks, have not been fulfilled, according to Ward 77 Clr Thulane Dunjana.

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The site closure has led to disruptions in refuse collection in Kwa-Thema, causing delays and missed collection cycles in certain areas. CoE spokesperson Zweli Dlamini highlighted ongoing discussions between municipal officials and community leaders, expressing the hope for an agreement to pave the way for the facility’s reopening.

Since the closure, the metro has used alternative dumping sites such as Weltevreden, Platkop, and Simmer and Jack after waste collection. Dlamini urged the community to allow the city to reopen the facility, emphasising the reduced turnaround time for waste disposal. He underscored the metro’s commitment to cleaning the area outside the site once talks with the community resulted in the facility’s operational status.


Despite the challenges, collectors at the site have taken the initiative to clean a small portion, creating a pathway for themselves.

Source: Dumping continues outside landfill site as it remains closed

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