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Two arrested for robbery at East Rand Mall



East Rand Mall robbery on Father's Day

In a shocking incident, an East Rand Mall robbery on Father’s Day occurred. Eight suspects stormed into a jewellery shop, brandishing firearms and holding the terrified employees at gunpoint. The robbers swiftly made off with an undisclosed amount of valuable jewellery from the display shelves, leaving chaos in their wake.

See the video below, courtesy of Yusuf Abramjee:

As per Jacaranda FM, law enforcement authorities swiftly responded to the distress call, leading to a dramatic pursuit and subsequent arrest of one suspect in Alexandra, located north of Johannesburg. The collaborative efforts of the police and the mall’s security team successfully cornered one of the getaway vehicles, resulting in the suspect’s apprehension.


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Following the arrest, the captured individual provided crucial information that led the police to two houses in Alexandra. During the subsequent search, law enforcement authorities arrested the second suspect. They discovered three additional getaway cars and a disturbing cache of weapons. The recovered items were high-calibre firearms, ammunition, explosives, and a pistol. Furthermore, an Audi A4 was hijacked in Limpopo province earlier this year.

The arrested suspects face multiple charges, including business robbery, possession of unlicensed firearms, possession of a suspected hijacked vehicle, and other related offences, according to police spokesperson Mavela Masondo. The authorities are determined to ensure justice is served for this unsettling incident that disrupted the peaceful ambience of a day meant for celebrating fathers.

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Picture: UnsplashBrooks Leibee

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