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Edenvale Fire Station Requires Assistance from Neighbouring Stations to Combat Fires



Edenvale Fire Station

A fire emergency in Hurlyvale highlighted a critical situation at the Edenvale Fire Station when it was revealed that all of its vehicles were out of service.

Reports indicate that units from the Edenvale Fire Station could not respond to the incident due to unavailable vehicles.

According to Eric Maloka, the media liaison for the City of Ekurhuleni’s DEMS, Bedfordview firefighters were informed about the fire as they returned from addressing a grass fire. A metro official alerted them and guided them to the fire scene.

The firefighters from Bedfordview arrived promptly and were later assisted by the Kempton Park Fire Station as a backup. The incident occurred on August 23, and the firefighters managed to control and extinguish the fire that had engulfed a lapa, a thatch-roofed structure typically used for outdoor gatherings.

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The lapa was on a residential property along St Joseph Road. The firefighters encountered a substantial blaze. They worked on stopping the fire from reaching nearby buildings. There were no reports of injuries or deaths.

The fire is still under investigation. Whether the fire originated in the lapa or a grass fire is uncertain.

Eric Maloka advised community members to create fire breaks near lapas or structures with thatch roofs to mitigate fire risks. Additionally, he stressed the importance of treating all lapas and thatched-roof buildings by established safety standards.

Source: Edenvale Fire Station forced to call on neighbouring stations to fight fires

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