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Johannesburg Water Announces Water Tanker Sites for Areas Affected by Eikenhof System Pump Failure



Eikenhof System Pump Failure

Johannesburg Water has announced the locations of water tanker sites for residents affected by the Eikenhof system pump failure. The failure, which occurred on Wednesday, has resulted in water supply disruptions to various areas in Johannesburg.

According to a tweet by Johannesburg Water, the tanker sites have been set up to provide residents with access to water while repairs are being carried out. The tweet also includes a map with the locations of the tanker sites, which have been strategically placed in areas affected by the pump failure.

The mobile tankers will be servicing these following areas:

  • Robertsham
  • Crosby
  • Sophiatown
  • Jan Hofmeyer and Vrededorp and more


Johannesburg Water has assured residents that their technicians are working tirelessly to repair the pump and restore water supply to the affected areas as soon as possible. In the meantime, the water tanker sites will remain operational to provide residents with a temporary solution to their water supply needs.

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Residents are advised to conserve water and use it sparingly during this time to avoid putting additional strain on the water supply system. Johannesburg Water also encourages residents to report any water leaks or faults in their areas to ensure timely repairs and maintenance.

The water tanker sites are a temporary solution to the water supply disruptions caused by the Eikenhof system pump failure. Johannesburg Water is committed to providing a reliable and sustainable water supply to all residents in the affected areas, and the repairs are being carried out with this goal in mind.

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