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Wife Forced to Forfeit Half of Joint Estate in Divorce for Being a Gold Digger



wife forfeits half of joint estate in divorce ruling

A former political science student and a high-ranking provincial legislature member have divorced. Their marriage lasted 14 months. As reported by IOL, the woman forfeited half of their joint estate. The wife, who initiated the divorce, said they did not see eye to eye. The husband, a grandfather 39 years her senior, suspected she married him for his money and political connections. He also suspected she felt embarrassed to be in public with him.

The court noted that both parties registered immovable properties and cars during the marriage. The husband has R5 million in his living annuity, and the wife has investments, shares and savings of R100 000. The judge granted the husband the forfeiture order. The order considered the age gap and his claims that she wanted to cash in on him and advance herself in the political arena with his influence.

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