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Game Debuts South Africa’s First Local UGC Merchandise on Roblox



Game Debuts South Africa's First Local UGC Merchandise on Roblox

Game stores, the country’s first retailer to venture into the Roblox space in 2022, is now launching Season 2 of ‘the Game game’ on August 4, 2023, introducing South Africa’s first locally-inspired and designed user-generated content (UGC).

By collaborating with local designers, Game aims to understand young South Africans’ preferences in virtual goods, the future of fashion and retail as reported by Tech Financials. This builds on the success of last year’s Black Friday campaign when the game was initially launched.

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The brand partnered with Blackboard in Johannesburg and Cape Town, engaging talented students to create accessories that reflect South African life and culture within the Game.

Game’s Senior Manager for Communications, Michelle Kemp, highlights the significance of adding a local touch to the virtual goods space, where Roblox users personalise avatars to represent themselves and their aspirations.


The original launch of ‘the Game game’ was well-received, amassing over 14,000 plays and an 88% positivity rating. Players experienced a city block mirroring South African life, including elements like Hadeda birds and potholes, rarely seen in internationally developed games.

Season 2 offers players an enhanced Johannesburg-inspired city block featuring increased interactivity and gameplay challenges. They can even enter the Game store, and completing the Game rewards them with three new accessories for their avatars.

Game’s journey began in 1970, aiming to make shopping enjoyable and create a gaming experience. They are taking it to the next level with this alternate reality for South Africans to enjoy.

Based on the success of their original game launch, Game plans to continue adding local elements to the Roblox platform, helping players feel more accurately represented internationally.

Players can expect updates to ‘the Game game’ throughout the year’s second half.


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