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KFC Mini-Cricket Program Sustains Its Significant Impact



KFC Mini-Cricket Program Sustains Its Significant Impact

The KFC Mini-Cricket program in the Ekurhuleni region is making significant strides, with a thriving community comprising 6,640 players, 660 coaches, 27 schools, and 20 coordinators. Julius Maziya, the program’s coordinator, highlighted this achievement during an event held at the Holiday Inn Boksburg on September 8.

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The gathering served as a celebration of the program’s accomplishments, with special recognition for the dedicated teachers who have played a pivotal role. Maziya emphasised the substantial impact of volunteer teachers on nurturing cricket talent within the program, which has yielded numerous promising cricket players.

In anticipation of further successes, Maziya announced that the KFC Mini-Cricket Festival is slated for October, promising more exciting cricketing action.

Wesley Coulentianos, the CEO of the Eastern Cricket Union, praised the growth and structure of the KFC Mini-Cricket program. He recalled its roots as the Bakers Mini-Cricket and acknowledged its consistent track record of producing talented cricket players. Coulentianos himself is a testament to the program’s effectiveness, having emerged as a cricket product nurtured by it. He commended KFC for its passionate support in encouraging young individuals to embrace cricket.


Eric Musi, the deputy chief education specialist of Ekurhuleni South, shared the program’s long-standing association, spanning 47 years, and the consistently positive outcomes it has delivered. Musi stressed the program’s holistic benefits, helping learners hone their cricketing skills while instilling valuable life perspectives. Notably, the program has even produced a cricket player from Nageng Primary School, highlighting its potential to unearth and nurture talent.

Lerato Langa, a physical education teacher at Benoni Primary School, shared her journey as a coach within the program since 2013. She underscored the program’s pivotal role in introducing cricket to young players, emphasising that many players, including herself, owe their cricketing careers to the program’s foundation. Langa expressed her commitment to continue contributing to the program, citing the invaluable experience she has gained through her involvement.

Source: KFC Mini-cricket programme continues to be impactful

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Photo: Supplied by Benoni City Times

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