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Kempton Police’s Stylish Conclusion to Women’s Month



Kempton Police's Stylish Conclusion to Women’s Month

Colonel Motsatsi Lesomo, the head of support at Kempton Park SAPS, brought together all the women at the police station on August 31 as a concluding gesture for Women’s Month. During this gathering, Colonel Lesomo offered valuable advice and encouragement to the women, emphasising the importance of solidarity and support among them.

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She highlighted the significance of women looking out for one another and standing together in various ways. Recognising women’s unique challenges in the workplace, Colonel Lesomo urged her colleagues to persevere and unite against gender-based violence (GBV). This pervasive issue can undermine women’s self-confidence.

Earlier in the month, officers had organised a march to commemorate the lives of women tragically lost to GBV, underscoring the commitment of the Kempton Park SAPS to address this pressing concern.

Colonel Lesomo also admired the women who actively participated in Operation Basadi, an initiative conducted throughout August. Their contributions played a crucial role in ensuring that justice was served, further highlighting the dedication of these women to their duties and their commitment to the community they serve.


In closing, Colonel Lesomo invoked the symbolism of passing the baton, urging the current leaders to impart their knowledge and power to the emerging, young leaders within their ranks. This gesture reflects the spirit of collective progress and empowerment that continues to drive positive organisational change.

Source: Kempton police conclude Women’s Month in style

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Photo: Supplied by Kempton Express

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